Upcoming Pregnancy of my Sister

My sister paid me a visit yesterday to bring good news. Although she lives just a couple of miles from us, she said that she wanted to talk to me personally about something. That kept me thinking a little, as to what was it the she was about to tell me, that speaking on the phone will not suffice? But since she said it was good news, I calmed down a little. I got my answer shortly as she announced that she was pregnant!

That’s very good news, I said. It truly was, as she and her husband has been trying for years to get a baby. They both got themselves constantly checked by several doctors, but there was really nothing wrong with them, and yet, still no baby to speak of. They were beginning to give up hope and are already talking about just adopting, that is until now.

I almost fell to the floor when my sister hugged me, good thing I was near a wall, which thankfully saved my fall. She said that the doctor told her it was almost a miracle that she conceived, and also must take all precautions during her pregnancy and avoid unnecessary risks. I told her jumping into me was one of those risks, which was met with the ruffling of my hair and the word “no silly it isn’t”. My sister and I are very close with each other, and I am very much thankful for this blessing that was given to her.

She then said that she also needed something done in line with her upcoming pregnancy, and asked me if I was familiar with pregnancy announcement ideas. I answered in the affirmative, then she just exploded with words about what she wanted done and different sort of ideas that was running through her head. Oh my, I thought to myself, there she goes again. But who can blame her? This was really a momentous event for her and her demeanor really shows it. I also rather prefer her being this way, than the way she usually was when she was having her monthly period. She really hates having her monthly period, as it means that she was not getting pregnant yet, and boy, you really know what crankiness means, when you see her during those moments, good thing there are no longer any more period while pregnant.

After finishing her monologue, I suggested to her several ideas for art installations that she can use for her announcement. Being the resident artist, and happy about the turn of events, I offered my services to do whatever it was that she chooses.

She settled for a card which had the mother and child scene painted on the front, with several handwritten quotes inside, which was also a very fine choice. I told her that, that was really what I had in mind since the beginning, and was amazed that it was also what she liked. We really do seem to have the same tastes in art. I am very happy for her.