Typical Excited Pregnant Woman

Funny thing, my sister came the other day to get her already finished pregnancy card announcements, made beautifully by me of course, now she wants to know exactly when they made the baby. How on earth would I know that, I told her? I fully understand her excitement, being this is going to be her first baby, but I think I’m no fortune teller to precisely tell her the things she wanted to know. I told her I think I have something that we could use for this kind of occasion, but I’m going to need to do research on it before I show it to her.

I remember talking to a doctor friend of mine, an obstetrician, during a recent art event in the school I was teaching short art courses at. We were talking about the same thing that my sister asked me about. My doctor friend narrated to me about his patient who also asked him of when her baby became such, as she could not recall having had intercourse lately, add to the fact that her husband is away on work regularly, so she was truly at a loss about it. He pointed the soon to be mom to a website which had an implantation calculator on it, and told her to input what was asked as best as she could, and a rough date on when the baby was first implanted would then be shown.

I called my sister immediately, and told her about it and of where she could find it in the internet. She thanked me and said goodbye like there was nothing to it, so I just put it like maybe she was just having a mood swing of sorts because of her pregnancy and such. But before I can get out of the house to get some grocery, and to my typical amazement, the phone rang again, with my sister on the other end. She said she had visited the website and already had an idea of the date she was talking about. And before I could say “good for you” to her, she was already asking another question.

She said that she was feeling weird lately and wants to know if it was part of getting pregnant. I thought to myself that this time I could answer her immediately, as I already have experienced such things with my wife. So I asked her about what she wanted to know? She told me that she was feeling nauseous and sleepy all the time, and that sometimes she feels that she wants to always eat something particular.

I told her that what she was experiencing, were normal signs of implantation, and that she was really pregnant. And besides of what she was feeling right now, I told her to expect several more symptoms of being pregnant, namely cramping of her extremities, breast changes, fatigue and vomiting. I kept on talking on the phone but she was being silent on the other end, I waited patiently for her to talk, and eventually she did after about five minutes. She said she went to the bathroom because she can’t hold it anymore, and would like me to repeat all that I’ve said a while ago. I rest my case.


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