The Healing Process of a Tattoo

So you got your tattoo that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. You must be really happy, now that you have endured the pain and chosen the right image, I know you know that it would be permanent and would last indefinitely, right? So what now? What else is there to do? Show it off? Or get another one, you might say, but before that, you have to let your present one heal a bit. So how does one go about healing a tattoo?

First off, a few hours after you had your tattoo, remove the wrap around it to enable it to breathe. Wash it over with an antibacterial soap to minimize your risk of infection. After washing, completely dry the area carefully and thinly apply an ointment, preferably antibiotic in nature, over the tattoo. Continue this process for about four days and also try to do it twice a day, one in the morning and another one before you go to sleep. Using Vaseline or petroleum jelly on a fresh tattoo is not recommended, as they tend to pull out color from the tattoo and is very thick, smothering the tattoo that actually needs air to heal.

Around the fourth day, the tattoo will begin to peel. Layers of skin within the tattoo will slightly harden and eventually break up, like what happens on sunburns, which is an indication of the changing of new skin meaning that it is healing properly. You should drop your antibiotic ointment in favor of the application of an unscented lotion to the tattoo, and keep it up until about two weeks. Always remember to keep your tattoo moisturized to prevent the further drying and breaking up of the area which was tattooed. Your tattoo will heal eventually about around three weeks.

Tattoo scabbing is normal. Patches of skin in and around your tattoo will sometimes swell a little bit and form scar like protuberance. It is important not to forcefully remove these scabs early as it may cause the disfigurement of your tattoo and may even result in a skin tear. Remember to keep an eye on the scab not harboring infection, signs of which are being tender to the touch, redness in the area and extending out of the tattoo and when pus eventually oozes out of the tattoo. An appointment with a doctor is recommended during these episodes for better treatment. The tattoo scab, in time, will eventually peels off on its own.

Other important matters to keep in mind while your tattoo heals, is not soaking it in water for long periods of time, as it will unnecessarily expose your fresh tattoo to all kinds of bacteria, thereby increasing your chances for infection. Also keep your tattoo off of the sun, as it will be a big problem if you unintentionally did get your tattoo sunburned. Avoiding of tight clothing that will rub against the tattoo is also discouraged.

After carefully accomplishing all of these, you can now proceed on doing what you plan to do next, either showing it off or eventually getting another one, is up to you. I commend your bravery and adventurous nature in getting your tattoo. Same with other things, your mind must be fully set and have thought about it fully, before you go ahead and did it. As for me, well, let’s just say I am just at the dreaming part of getting a tattoo. Who knows, I might just wake up and get one myself.