Teaching as Passion

The fun thing about teaching again in school, although only on a limited basis, is that you get to live your passion. Art, and everything about it, has been a large part of my life, and I am very fortunate to teach about it. Imagine fulfilling one of your dreams while getting paid doing it, is lucky, to say the least. Although the salary is only a pittance, seeing some of the kids getting interested in it is truly, payment enough for me.

Having the exercise that comes along with teaching is also a good bonus. Nobody really is getting any younger, and any chance for some kind of exercise would be a welcome respite. Imagine having to wake up early during school days, preparing yourself and your lessons that you will be teaching for the day, the walking in between classes and also of gallivanting around campus, really livens up our body’s already sleeping veins. I kind of miss these types of hectic schedules, and teaching affords me the busyness and activities that my body longs for.

What I do not like about it, is the traffic to and from campus. The school is quite a ways away, and I am surely going to pass several busy intersections and traffic bottlenecks on my commute. These things reminded me the reason, of why I did not pursue a job in the corporate world in the first place. Truly everything good in this world entails some form of sacrifice, and to fulfill my dreams of teaching, I guess traffic would be mine.

Another thing I’m not crazy about from working again is the adverse effect it has on my joints, especially my hips. You see, back when I was just a small kid, I kind of fell from a tree and suffered from a torn labrum hip, and had to be hospitalized for a week because of it. I was not operated on, thankfully, as my doctor was a personable one, and suggested other forms of treatment, that didn’t need for me to be operated on and also doesn’t cost much. But it entailed a much longer rehabilitation period and also necessitated on me wearing a kind of elastic band on my legs and hips for support. And although my past injuries are already fully cured, walking in volumes sometimes produces soreness in my hips. I don’t know if it is related to my past injuries or a new one altogether, but sometimes the pain becomes hard to ignore. I have already read about hip flexor pain and how it’s acquired and such, but I think it’s not it. Maybe it’s just my old bones trying to tell me to slow down a bit. And nothing my friendly neighborhood chiropractor can’t fix.

I know I sometimes contradict myself in terms of seeing how one thing is both good and bad. But teaching art is really a passion of mine and is really worth sacrificing for. One has to consciously leave a legacy in this world, if only to say that he really has been here. I will surely continue what I love doing, old bones and all.


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