Several Reasons for Having Tattoos

Tattoos, body piercing and several other forms of body modification are currently a fad nowadays. But not too long ago, such forms of art are generally shunned upon by society, equating body piercings to tribes and cults, and tattoos to hoodlums, criminals, and other lowlifes that are up to no good. But in lieu of today’s seemingly liberally leaning society, almost everyone now accepts, once unspeakable things, to be brought out into the mainstream. Chest tattoos for men that is once the exclusive enclave of bikers and side tattoos for girls that were generally reserved for manual workers and prostitutes are now sported on by many people.

Is it good, like almost every one say’s it is today, or is it really bad, like our forebears thought it was? I don’t really know the correct answer to that, and I also am not in any position of authority to stamp a definitive answer, but I do have an opinion on the matter. So why do some people have tattoos on their bodies? Here are several of my thoughts regarding the matter.


Probably the most common reason people say to justify having tattoos. Self-expression is defined as the assertion or deliberate showing of a man’s own personality in any kind of medium, such as in speech, idea, feelings, and in our case tattoos. Sometimes you ask people with tattoos on why they decide to have one in the first place, and oftentimes they can’t answer it directly, having particularly no reason at all for doing it. Sometimes we are shy, don’t know how to explain things, or can’t really express ourselves the conventional way, and we do it in other ways, those other ways are the classic things that makes self-expressions.


Some religions, particularly older ones, practice tattooing in line with their performed rituals and religious convictions. Although many religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam particularly forbid their followers from having tattoos, several branches of such religions, like the Catholic Croats in Bosnia, who tattoo their children in the belief that tattoos will ward off evil spirits, still use them.

Loved One

Tattoos, being permanent and lasting in nature, is oftentimes used as a remembrance of someone important in your life. Be it someone who is already departed or someone who is presently the love of your life, tattoos are used to somehow give weight or credence to the importance of the person to the wearer. You also put your loved ones, as tattoos, on your body so that they will forever be with you and be constantly reminded of them just by looking at your body.

Drunk, Peer Pressure, For the Heck of It

In other words, you had the tattoo by mistake. Sometimes you were too drunk to notice, or fiercely ogled into doing it, also maybe you were just very curious about what it is that they were talking about, and decided to have one for yourself. Sometimes you were just forced into it by your environment, like in street gangs or in jail, and generally had no say in it.

Good thing there is still a way to remove it, but it will likely be painful and extremely expensive to do it. So if you are really bent on having a tattoo of your own, and for whatever your reason is, think hard and long before you dive into the colorful world of tattoos.